Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2

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In Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 the last chapter in Mac Tonight series, you play as a night watchman trying to keep all the properties in the Warehouse safe.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 is the last chapter in the Mac Tonight series. It is the sequel to Five Nights at Mac Tonight’s 1. You can download both of the games for free and play them on your computer for horror adventures. In this second version, it revolves around McDonald’s with more challenges to conquer. Ever since the release of Mac Tonight commercials, the restaurant has been full of customers for their new night hourly openings. After earning so much profit, the owners made a decision on advancing their advertising and ordering new animatronics to deliver more performances to the customers while they are enjoying the foods.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2
Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2

The animatronics were transferred to a Storage Facility recently. This place is owned by McDonald’s with lots of belongings from the past. The robots are all stored here until the workers at the restaurant set up a place for them. You come to the Warehouse to work on the nightshift. The mission for you is to safeguard this place so no one can barge in to steal the property. Can you handle this job? Try Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 fan game right now! Much fun!

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