Supreme Custom Night game is not owned by Scott although it looks like the original Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is regarded as the amalgamation of every character coming from FNAF in a single game. So, you will have the chance to meet up with the old antagonists. They will include some robots that needed to be added such as Phantom Bonnie and Adventure Nightmare Mangle.

Supreme Custom Night
Supreme Custom Night

Supreme Custom Night is a free title gettable on Gamejolt counting 150 animatronics. They are found on the main screen without effort. Not only that, you can check other crazy features. For example, you are recommended to prepare for 150/30 mode. They will be in dev.-logs when they are produced and completed. Supreme Custom Night contains a great number of 70 mechanics together with all mechanic images and jumpscares. They are totally done! It’s time to download the version and experience as your preference!

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